Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Disini tim akan membagikan contoh cara membuat surat lamaran kerja dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris yang baik dan benar. Memang banyak contoh-contoh surat lamaran kerja dalam bahasa inggris yang bertaburan di internet, namun kadangkala kurang memuaskan. Dibawah ini adalah contoh surat lamaran kerja dalam bahasa inggris yang mungkin cocok untuk digunakan.

Jakarta, December 6th 2015

To : PT. [Nama Perusahaan Yang Dilamar]

       Jl. [Alamat Perusahaan]


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have heard that your Company open opportunity for young independent person with high integrity to joint. I would like to take this opportunity to submit my application to fill the vacant position related to my major.

With the reference to the above position, this resume is submitted for your kind evaluation. I’ve graduate from Master of Management Program [Nama Kampus Anda] majoring Human Resources Management. After graduate I have worked experience in PT. [Perusahaan Yang Lama] from February 16th 2004 to February 15th 2015 as a corporate Management Trainee (CMT) in Corporate Management Trainee program (CMTP).

During in Master of Management program [Nama Kampus Anda], I was active in a lot of organization. My experience in organization teach me how to built relationship with others people, who have different background, different culture, different point of view and also how to build self confidence, besides all the organization has teach me the meaning of responsibility and also how to persuade others.

My Thesis is about employee productivity, I analyzed the effect of empowerment with team work to employee’s productivity, study case in [Tempat Magang / Praktek Kerja Lapangan Anda].

I like to read books, especially about strategy, Human Resources Management strategy and also Business strategy. Sport is also as my hobby.

As your consideration, I certify my curriculum vitae and other supporting documents. I do hope, we could meet deal how my capability could meet your Company’s requirements. I would be delighted to meet you in a personal interview, please contact me at my cell phone [Nomor HP Anda] or [Nomor Telp Rumah Jika Ada]. Thank you for your attention and I look forward hearing a good news from you.


Yours Faithfully,


[Nama Lengkap Anda]


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